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About Us

It started with a casual dinner conversation of why Muslim weddings were tastier than anything we ha deeper to try and understand how we can make that Page 1ole for everyone

We realized that the key to the taste is in our traditional College cum cooking slow-cooking and artisanal firewood cooking. The chefs who cook at these weddings also have been making biriyanis for decades. That kind of skill and expertise is hard to achieve without experience.

The more we talked about this, the more excited we got. Are we all not guilty of asking our Muslim friends to get married just so we can have this very biryani at the wedding As we unlocked the secret to authentic 'Bai Veetu Kalyanam VirundhÆ° aka Muslim Brother's Wedding Biriyani, we found the last piece of this experience. Great service. We wanted the biriyani served in the right ambiance, and with great Indian hospitality

Thus, was born, The Wedding Biriyani'.

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